Uganda is located on the equator, in East Africa, in the region of the Great Lakes. Neighboring countries include Rwanda and DR Congo. Uganda has a rapidly growing population with about 40 million Ugandans today, 8 times more than 60 years ago. The majority live in the centre and the south, especially along the shores of Lake Victoria and Lake Albert. The country has been governed by President Museveni since 1986, which provides a certain political stability. Uganda ranks 162 on the list of the Human Development Index, and is therefore one of the poorest countries in spite of its resources. The people live mainly from agriculture and fishing.

Access to sanitation

Our ambition in Uganda

The integrated approach of an entire zone has proved to be very valuable and Join For Water will continue to work in the same way in Uganda. With regard to sanitation and hygiene, Join For Water wants to focus even more on social marketing and the guidance of private partners, so that every family can find a solution. Advocacy, right down to the national level, remains important.

Our activities in Uganda

A lot of work has already been done in the Mpanga basin. The main challenge now is to make the current activities sustainable and to monitor them. Stricter planning and more cooperation between all parties involved should ensure better management of water resources. Agriculture will receive more attention as an important economic activity, with local Integrated Water Management and better planning as a guiding principle. A complete approach has also been planned for the schools: there will be Ecosan latrines with a hand washbasin, a vegetable garden, and Join For Water will work on waste management.

In the new zone near Lake Albert, 3 Flemish students made a documentary for Join For Water. It shows the enormous challenges: environmental damage, litter, lack of hygiene and drinking water, uncontrolled land use, ... The documentary raises awareness among the residents and encourages them to look for solutions together. Infrastructure works such as the construction of water points, public toilets, workplaces to clean fish, ... are planned. As always, good management receives a great deal of attention, with the establishment and support of user associations, among other things. 

Our partners in Uganda

  • JESE - Joint Effort to Save the Environment
  • NRDI - Natural Resource Defense Institute
  • HEWASA - Health through Water and Sanitation

Financing and support

  • DGD - Directorate-general Development Cooperation
  • Co-Valent via Entrepreneurs pour Entrepreneurs
  • Province of Limburg
  • Flemish government and Bos+ Tropen via VPWvO
  • Wienerberger via Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs
  • Sopra Steria