Together for water!

Access to drinking water and good hygiene lies at the basis of good health and opportunities for development. Today, 1 in 10 people has no access to drinking water and 1 in 3 lacks a toilet of his/her own.

Climate warming, world population growth and increasing consumption put extra pressure on fresh water supplies. If we continue to use water as we do today, there is a risk that by 2030 we will have a water shortage of 40%. In this way we are heading towards a global water crisis.

Join For Water is the only NGO in Belgium that solely focuses on water. And focus is needed, because water is becoming a scarce resource.

Water is connected with so many essential aspects of life on earth that cooperation with all parties is the only guarantee of sustainable solutions.

Join For Water unites forces. In the South we work together with (local) governments, the population, companies and development organizations. Thanks to this collaboration, tens of thousands of people have access to drinking water, sanitation and water for agriculture every year.

Everyone has the right to water. Join For Water not only provides infrastructure, but ensures that it is managed sustainably and democratically. Moreover, we ensure that its quality is guaranteed and that the next generations remain assured of sufficient potable water.

Because of our consumption pattern, our water footprint, we have an impact on the quantities of water. All products that we use require water to make them, and we often get our products from the South. In Belgium, Join For Water addresses citizens, local authorities and students to take action to reduce their water footprint. Here too, cooperation is essential to achieve results.

Join For Water, together for water!

  • Join For Water brings all relevant partners together for better access to drinking water, hygiene and water for agriculture in the South, even in difficult contexts.
  • Join For Water works on sustainable water and soil management, with a focus on the climate. In this way, sufficient water remains available for future generations.
  • Join For Water is committed to better water quality and ecological waste management.
  • Join For Water is strongly committed to knowledge acquisition and sharing in and between partner countries. We share the successes and learn from the setbacks.
  • Join For Water encourages conscious water use and a smaller water footprint. In this way we limit the impact of our consumption on water resources in Belgium and in the South.
  • Join For Water keeps water and climate high on the political agenda, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6).